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Where to Drink Wine in New Orleans

New Orleans is full of fabulous places to find a glass of wine, a bite to eat, and maybe even somewhere to listen to live music. We’ve found the five best venues to drink wine in New Orleans for solo travelers and wine lovers alike.

Wine Institute Of New Orleans (WINO)

At WINO, you can make a solo stop for a glass of wine or even take a wine certification course with co-founder and director Bryan Burkey. The venue also offers snacks to pair with your wine ranging from hummus and pâté to fruit and cheese plates. Its setup varies from other spots around town for wine because offers over 100 self-serve wines by the glass that tracks consumption and your total cost through a chip-embedded card.

The Delachaise

Located on the historic St. Charles Avenue streetcar line, The Delachaise is a small venue with a large offering of wines, spirits and beers. With both indoor and outdoor seating, this spot is great all year round. The Delachaise has won “Best Wines by the Glass” six years in a row, and they also offer daily wine specials. The food also deserves a mention. If you want a good late night bite, the kitchen serves up starters, salads, large plates and dessert until midnight.


Bacchanal is a quintessential wine bar in New Orleans. Not only do they offer live music every single day of the week, but they have an enormous outdoor space that is perfect for sipping your favorite varietal with music in the background. When you first walk in, you are given the option to buy a bottle of wine or other beverages to take outside. Bacchanal also offers a delicious menu for the hungry, with items ranging from small places to entrees. Following an expansion that took place in the last couple years, there is also a large indoor space upstairs with a full bar.


Photo via Bacchanal Wine.

Photo via Bacchanal Wine.

Oak Wine Bar

Oak Wine Bar is an upscale wine bar located in the Carrollton neighborhood in Uptown New Orleans. Live music is scheduled every Friday and Saturday night beginning at 9:00pm so you can listen to tunes while you read through the offerings from Oak’s extensive wine cellar. Chef Aaron Burgau of Patois designed the menu of small plates that are host to a number of seasonal ingredients. Also, directly next door is Ale, the beer version of Oak that is run by the same owners. A door in between lets you walk back and forth to take in the vibe of both venues.

Patrick’s Bar Vin

As the only wine bar in the French Quarter to make the list, Patrick’s Bar Vin is all about luxury. They offer indoor and outdoor courtyard seating, both in an intimate setting. The owner, Patrick, is often around to offer his advice when selecting from the wine menu. He believes that a fine bottle of wine turns strangers into friends and friends into family. Patrick’s even offers personalized wine lockers for the connoisseur to age their wine in climate controlled setting.

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