Tulip Garden Boston

Springtime Shots in New Orleans, Boston and Philadelphia

“I’m not going to lay down in words the lure of this place. Every great writer in the land, from Faulkner to Twain to Rice to Ford, has tried to do it and fallen short. It is impossible to capture the essence, tolerance, and spirit of south Louisiana in words and to try is to roll down a road of clichés, bouncing over beignets and beads and brass bands and it just is what it is. It is home.”

– Chris Rose

While I typically spend a good portion of the year in New Orleans, my home, I’m always traveling when available. At the beginning of May I did a weeklong trip to Philadelphia, New York and Boston before landing back in The Big Easy. Below are a few photos from the last month.

Tulip Garden Boston

Tulip garden in Boston’s South End.


Lower Garden District Building Architecture

A Lower Garden District Building off Magazine Street.


Sunset New Orleans

Vibrant sunset over Uptown New Orleans.


Highway Road Trip Hangout Fest

Heading East towards Alabama for Hangout Festival.


Mother's Day Brunch Spring

Mother’s Day style among the fallen petals in Philadelphia.


Lower Garden District Shotgun

A traditional shotgun house in the Lower Garden District.


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